How to get rich in short time - Truth talk

Read this text. Read it carefully, read it slow. This isn't your usual throw-away text.

Don't be mad. This isn't clickbait. This is me talking facts, me talking truth. None of what I tell in this post is imagination. Everything's based on true stories. Yeah, maybe money makes you happy - if you didn't get severe depression or burnout on the way. But you're different, right? Just built different. YOU are made for hustling.

The world of social media never seized to amaze me with all it's lies. Suicidal rate is up since we have social media (, especially, but not only, for teenagers. 99% of social media is a lie and some get rich by lying because you click it.

I've had friends telling me "I've never been to Bali 🫤" and I'm like "Okay". Like that sounds like that's something you must've done in your life. I've never missed not being in Bali but now that friends put those phrases out there it kinda feels like imposing FOMO. It's a social media thing - apparently. You saw on Instagram and on that one Photo, it looked like Paradise. So apparently people assume that will solve their problems, it will bring the golden times to their life. An illusion that holds tight. For many it's a long, stressful flight. And when you're finally there it might be raining and you start being mad. But yeah, sure thing, there's certainly a few good days there. And then what? Stressful flight back and all back to your unhappy life looking again how paradise-like the vacation of others are.

But how come it's so paradise-like they find the time to make photos? How come they don't forget the smartphone because everything is so enjoyable?

There's that Drake song where it says: "I know a girl whose one goal was to visit Rome. Then she finally got to Rome and all she did was post pictures for people at home. 'Cause all that mattered was impressin' everybody she's known"

I have a friend that is actually famous on a certain platform (no it's not porn, I just don't like name calling). She's getting a good amount of money. And then there's friends to her side saying "Oh wow, amazing what she does, I don't know how she does that". And then there's me telling 'em: "She doesn't". They be like "But she does do all of that" and I'm like "Yeah but it's an illusion". It's an addiction. Even more so I am waiting for her to fall apart, either mentally or physically. Not because I want that but because the signs are super-obvious. Exhausted, overly stressed, the body screams for help, the partner mostly a side story. But the outside says "Hey, I have a happy and successful life".

I know a different girl, similiar story, other sector, own company, a successful one. But that basically cost her nearly her hearing "solely" because of stress. She's 30, wearing hearing aids. Could've lost all of it. Now all she seeks is: Less work. Her partner got lost on the way. Not dead, but fell into severe depression because of the pressure.

I know someone that has gotten good money in the painting sector. Until he fell apart. Same thing as with everybody - overestimating oneself going like "I'm not like the others, I am a Hustler grabbing that Money". Well.... Now he's working in an animal shelter. He's happy. He has way less money. He can pay his rent. He's happy. He can't afford big and shiny cars. He's happy.

I know a girl that wanted to prove so much she's capable of handling stress that she ended up in psychiatry for nearly a year and was incapable of doing anything afterwards - she was not even close to 30.

I've been the one working as hard as I could to get rich. Not because I like money but because I didn't have much as a kid and people made fun of me - for not having the expensive Nike shoes, for not having the Adidas Jeans. That got deep.

My career was shiny, I started working with Code at the age of 11. With the age of 17 I had my own little company. I got any job pretty much easily, I reached 6 figures, I fell apart. There's too much to say but the silence will be speaking for now to get to the core of it.

I know so many stories I could tell. So, so many. But you don't read em. Because people usually don't tell those. They only give you illusions. Those illusion that lead to more of those stories. "If you work hard enough you can be a millionaire". Yeah, sure. Or dead.

And within that time your grandma died, your grandpa died, your mum died. All those who you said "you will be spending time with when you have more time". You don't.

Or maybe you die and your kids be like "But daddy wanted to be rich, so it's cool".

Do what you like, do what you enjoy, spent time with your loved ones. And if that combination will eventually lead to you being rich because you did what made you happy: Nice. If not then you still had something all people crave for: A happy life.

Enjoy your life, throw away Social Media and don't even respond to assholes on those platforms, just block em. Feel free again, don't get locked into comparison. Feel like brothers and sisters and if someone doesn't feel like adding up to that family just block em. You don't need that. Be alive, don't be social-media dead - or dead-dead.